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Copyright and Privacy

At LIL’STONES, we’re committed to protecting your privacy and data. 


What data do we collect?

When you make an order with LIL’STONES there is certain information you provide us with to complete your order. This is:

  • The name, address, and telephone number in your shipping details.
  • The photos you have ordered for printing.
  • Your email address and any emails you may have sent to us with product questions.

Additionally, when you make an order on our website, we can access your IP address and anonymised Google analytics information about how you navigate our site which we may use to make our services better.


How do we store your data?

Your emails, shipping address, telephone numbers, order history, and photos are stored in our /wp-content/uploads/. It uses SSL encryption to secure your data during transmit and stores it on servers that require cutting edge biometric authentication to access. Only a handful of trusted employees and web developers of LIL’STONES can access this data.


Why do we store your data?

We store your information so we can complete your order and so we can reprint your order at a future date should you request this service or should your initial order be lost or damaged.


How long do we store your data?

  • We store your name, address, email, and telephone number indefinitely.
  • We store the photos you uploaded for printing for approximately six months before being manually deleted, to allow for more space.


How can I update my information?

Within your user account you can update addresses, passwords, and your payment information.


How can I delete my data?

  • If you email we can delete all information associated with you, including name, address, shipping details, emails, and photos.
  • You can remove your email from our mailing list at any point by unsubscribing.


How can I request a copy of my data?

  • If you email we can send you all the data we have on you. Bear in mind that photos >6 months old will be gone forever.


What information do we NOT collect?

  • Your payment information is handled by our credit card processor Stripe. We never see your full card details. Our bank – Bank Australia uses Stripe as our online merchant provider – More information on Stripe can be found here
  • Your account passwords are fully encrypted. They are not collected or stored.
  • We do not collect any photos that you do not select for printing.


What Third Parties can access my data?

We share your information with the following third parties in order to complete your order

  • Our payment processor Stripe in order to take your 💰. (Their privacy policy is here.)
  • Shippit –  in order to ship your order (their privacy policy is here.)
  • FedEx in order to ship your international orders quickly (Their privacy policy is here.)
  • Mailchimp to send you emails about your order, sales, new products, etc. (Their privacy policy is here.)
  • Google Analytics to see if any of our marketing initiatives actually work.  (Their privacy policy is here.)

We never rent or sell your information and photos to any other third parties (e.g. advertisers, data brokers, journalists, external businesses, deities, or disapproving relatives) and we will never otherwise share your data unless required by law.


Photo Content and Copyright

  • With regard to photo content, we will print what you send us for printing. You are responsible for ensuring that the content of your photos does not violate copyright or transgress laws in your country.
  • In terms of copyright, when you order photos for printing, this does not affect your ownership of these photos. You still own the copyright to your images and you do not give up any rights over them. Your photos are still your photos, printed or not.
  • If we find an image inappropriate we’ll be in touch to confirm image origin. LIL’STONES can decline to produce if the image is hurtful or distasteful. 
  • Moments before ordering we ask if you don’t mind sharing your images – it’s set as an opt in. If you tick this box we may use your image on our website, social media or promotional usage. If you’re not happy with this – don’t tick the box.


Speaking of which…


Opting Out 

There a few things you can opt out of when you order from us:

  • We do not automatically sign you up for our marketing emails. We leave it up to you to opt-in by marking the appropriate check box on our homepage and verification page.
  • Unlike a lot of other ecommerce sites, you DO NOT have to create an account to order from LIL’STONES. However, the account has a referral trigger and you can use this for super nice discounts for both you and your referee.
  • You are always free to opt out from following us on Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter, tik tok etc. should you prefer to do so. (We can still be friends without following each other everywhere.)
  • You are always free to unsubscribe from our email newsletters. We won’t take it personally.



If you have any questions about this, please feel free to email us at We’re happy to answer any questions you might have.

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